NCAA Track Records in Jeopardy

The 2018 NCAA Track and Field Outdoor Championship should be exciting today. If you set a record someone will always try to break it. These are the record we think may fall this year. Good luck everyone!!!


4 X 100

Florida Men posted a time of 38.49 –  Meet Record and College best is 38.23, Facility is 38.42.  With 7 of the 8 finalists posting their seasons best, this going to be a great race. University of Florida being on the inside of University of Houston gives the Gators the chase they need to pull off the win and claim the records.


1500 M

Josh Kerr has already claimed the College best time in April with a time of 3:35.01.

Meet record is 3:35.30 and Facility is 3:32.72

Oliver Hoare of Wisconsin (3:37.84) and Robert Domanic of Ole Miss (3:36.33) should make this interesting.

Will the Senior’s go for the record and the win or just the win?


100 M Hurdles

Grant Holloway should be able to get the Meet record and with the 10 points keep the Gators in the hunt for another championship.




800 M

Michael Saruni of UTEP  (University of Texas at El Paso) has already run faster than the Meet and Facility record in April.

His time of 1:43.25 has already claimed the College best record.

If he runs that time again, the pack will have the fastest time in the half mile.


400 M Hurdles

Ria Benjamin’s time of 47.98 is close, but I think he will focus on the win. If he goes for the record, he is going to break some hearts.  Facility record 47.69 (1993) has been standing for 25 years.  The Meet 47.56 (2005) and College best records 47.56 (2005) have been standing for 13 years.


Some photos from our East Coverage

Kenny Selmon making it look easy at NCAA east qualifier
Andre Ewers at USF East Qualifier
Watch out for Wake Forest’s Robert
Heppentall he knows how to bait and win

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