Symone Black is ready for Eugene

The women’s 400 M Hurdles should be another great battle. We all know Sydney Mclaughin has tickets to Eugene so not much to say there.


Heat 1 of the women’s 400 M Hurdles should be light work for Kymber Payne. Allie Vogeler and Anna Runia should benefit by being on the inside of Ms. Payne. Brandee Johnson and Jocselyn Powell may struggle if they believe the pack is closer than they really are.



Heat 2 of the women’s 400 M Hurdles will be a photo finish. This race is too close to call so I will let this one just play out. Symone Black and Xahria Santiago will once again battle it out. Look for a lot of personal best in this one.





Heat 3 of the women’s 400 M Hurdles will feature the great Kentucky freshman Sydney McLaughlin. The pack in this race should be a good one. Stay focus and remove the hype should be the plan in this one.

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